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  • An important branch of laser lens material processing in industrial production

    2019-12-06 17:24:18
    As a new type of light source, laser has the characteristics of good directivity, high brightness, good monochromaticity and high energy density. The laser industry based on laser has developed rapidly in the world, and now it has been widely used in industrial production, communication, information processing, health care, military, cultural education and scientific research. According to statistics, from high-end optical fiber to common barcode scanners, the market value of laser related products and services is up to trillions of dollars each year.
  • The quality of optical glass laser lens itself and its pollution

    2019-11-29 11:28:59
    the quality of the laser lens optical glass itself and the situation of being polluted are mainly as follows: there are mould spots, bubbles, scratches, etc. in the mechanical treatment, such as grinding, wiping test and stress measurement, the pollution caused by human is different.
  • We need rubber fingertips when we take optical filters

    2019-11-22 19:52:45
    As a precise optical component, the film on the surface of optical filter is easy to be scratched. In addition, our improper cleaning and storage habits in use will also lead to the damage of the optical film on the lens surface, thus reducing the optical performance and service life of the optical filter. Therefore, we can see that the maintenance and storage of optical filters are particularly important in our use.
  • Optical filter widely used in photography

    2019-11-15 10:50:44
    As an integral part of optical system, optical glass must meet the requirements of optical imaging. Therefore, the judgment of optical glass quality also includes some special and strict indexes. There are the following requirements for optical glass:
  • Follow the steps below to clean the laser lens

    2019-11-08 08:47:10
    The purpose of cleaning the laser lens is to remove the pollutants from the optical lens, and do not cause further pollution and damage to the lens. In order to achieve this goal, we should follow the following steps to clean:
  • The main development trend of laser lens optical glass production technology at present

    2019-11-01 17:50:00
    The raw materials for the production of laser lens optical glass are some oxides, hydroxides, nitrates and carbonates, and according to the requirements of the formula, phosphate or fluoride are introduced. In order to ensure the transparency of glass, we must strictly control the content of coloring impurities, such as iron, chromium, copper, manganese, cobalt, nickel, etc. It is required to weigh accurately and mix evenly during batching. The main production process is smelting, forming, annealing and inspection.
  • Our common test method of laser lens is fast and intuitive

    2019-10-25 21:14:40
    No matter the optical lenses made of inorganic or organic materials, in daily use, the friction with dust or grit (silicon oxide) will cause lens wear and scratch on the lens surface. Compared with glass sheet, the hardness of organic material is lower, and it is easier to produce scratches. Through the microscope, we can see that there are two kinds of scratches on the surface of the lens: one is the scratches caused by the gravel, which are shallow and small, which are not easy to be detected by the wearer; the other is the scratches caused by the larger gravel, which are deep and rough around, which will affect the vision in the central area.
  • Understand the rapid development of laser lens industry

    2019-10-18 17:22:33
    An inorganic glassy material that transmits light by refraction, reflection, transmission or changes the intensity or spectral distribution of light by absorption is called optical glass. It has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. Optical glass has high transparency, high uniformity in chemistry and Physics (structure and performance), and specific and accurate optical constants. It can be divided into silicate, borate, phosphate, fluoride and chalcogenide series. There are many kinds of them, mainly according to their positions in the refractive index (nd) - Abbe value (VD) map. Traditionally, all kinds of glasses with Nd > 1.60, VD > 50 and nd < 1.60, VD > 55 are classified as crown (k) glass, and the rest as flint (f) glass. Crown glass is generally used as convex lens and flint glass as concave lens.
  • How to keep the surface of laser lens smooth?

    2019-10-11 16:20:16
    In daily life, lens should avoid contact with high temperature as far as possible, because at high temperature, the film will be damaged or even fall off due to the inconsistency of thermal expansion and contraction between the film and the lens substrate. It should also avoid optical lenses from contacting lenses with strong organic solvents, such as acetone, ether and perfume, because these organic solvents will affect the finish of the lens. The way to place glasses should also form a fixed habit. First, wrap the lenses with flannel cloth, then fold the legs of the lenses. In order to prevent the glasses from being pressed heavily, the glasses can be placed in the hard glasses collection box.
  • Understand the Physical Properties of Optical Glass Optical Filters

    2019-10-04 17:24:11
    Optical glass has high transparency, high physical and chemical uniformity, and specific and accurate optical coefficients. Today we will mainly understand the physical characteristics of optical glass optical filters:
  • Understand that laser lenses can change the direction of light transmission

    2019-09-27 11:38:41
    Laser lenses are glass that can change the direction of light propagation and the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light. Optical lenses are lenses made of optical glass. The definition of optical glass is glass with uniform optical properties and special requirements for refractive index, dispersion, transmittance, spectral transmittance and light absorption.
  • Small details to be noticed in the use of optical filters in optical glass

    2019-09-20 15:55:54
    Optical filter is an optical device used to select the required radiation band. A common feature of filters is that no filter can make the image of celestial bodies brighter, because all filters absorb certain wavelengths and make objects darker. The filter is made of plastic or glass and special dyes. The red filter can only let the red light pass through, and so on. The transmittance of glass sheet is similar to that of air. All colored light can pass through, so it is transparent. But after dyeing, the molecular structure and refractive index of glass sheet change, and the passage of some colored light changes.
  • How to select and use high quality laser lens correctly?

    2019-09-13 17:22:13
    Laser lenses include optical glass lenses and high refractive index lenses (commonly referred to as ultra-thin lenses), which have high hardness, good wear resistance and low dispersion (usually about 58 dispersion coefficient). Generally, their quality and parameters will not change with time, but the impact resistance and weight of glass lenses are slightly lower than those of resin lenses. Glass lenses, moreover, are not easy to be processed, and it is often more difficult to equip with frame-free and semi-frame glasses. Even if frame-free or semi-frame glasses are processed, they will be particularly vulnerable to damage due to the brittleness of glass in use.
  • Talking about the Key Technology of Color Filter Manufacturing

    2019-09-06 18:46:19
  • What factors affect the working power of laser lens?

    2019-08-30 18:19:53
  • How about the whitening effect of laser lens?

    2019-08-23 10:31:32
  • What are the applications of laser lenses in automobiles?

    2019-08-16 16:38:58
  • Laser lenses play an important role in laser systems

    2019-08-09 15:58:08
    Laser lens plays an important role in laser system. The change of laser path is realized by refraction of lens. First class, slightly polluted, mainly for dust and fiber particles attached to the surface of laser lens. Please use an air bag for air blowing, not the air pipe in the workshop. First, you can't control its pressure. You can't regret any damage caused by a laser lens blowing down and touching the bottom. Secondly, the air duct in the workshop usually contains a lot of oil and water. Are you sure it is not used to make the surface of laser lens worse? If there are still other dirty spots on the surface of the laser lens after blowing, please continue to look down.
  • Lens technology optical filters are more and more widely used

    2019-08-02 09:24:00
    Optical filter lens can be widely used in security, car wear, digital camera, laser, optical instruments and other fields. With the continuous development of the market, lens technology is also more and more widely used. Lens are made according to the law of refraction of light. Lens are optical elements made of transparent materials such as glass, crystal, etc. A lens is a refractor whose refractive surface is a transparent body of two spheres (a part of the sphere) or a plane of one sphere (a part of the sphere). It has both real and imaginary images.
  • The design principle of telecentric lens laser lens is introduced.

    2019-07-26 10:52:43
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