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China's optical filters have achieved internationally advanced results
2020-06-05 08:54:44

The development of optical filter in China in the past 50 years indicates that such a fine tradition and spirit should always be maintained in scientific research, that is, love the motherland, selfless dedication, self-reliance, hard work, strong coordination and forever climbing the peak, which is the spirit of "two bombs and one star". We should always carry forward the team spirit of advocating science, unity and cooperation, pursuing first-class, and emphasizing integrity. We rely on this spirit to independently develop the cutting-edge technology of our optical industry and make outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of optical industry.

optical filter

The environment of optics in our country was very difficult at the beginning of its business. By the early 1960s, life was more difficult, and the task of scientific research was very heavy, but our researchers did not complain. At that time, scientific research conditions were poor, everything was done by oneself, self-reliance and self-made, but this was also the most training.

It is gratifying that the hard environment makes our young scientists and technologists stronger. The strict training and practical training make them have quite high attainments and levels in theory and technology, and have the ability to make decisions on their own. Over the past decades, they have made great achievements because their fine style of study has been passed down from generation to generation, and they have long established an excellent scientific research team that can fight especially, has strong cohesion and can fight hard battles. This team unconditionally obeys the command and dispatching, supports each other and cooperates in fighting, which embodies the spirit of the scientific team.

In the early 1960s, the theoretical achievements in the field of optics in China were in step with those in the world. In the theory and design of laser and optical system, we have our own original innovation. The first ruby laser in China is only one year behind that in foreign countries. The development of laser technology in our country is very rapid at the initial stage. Both quantity and quality are close to the international level at that time.

A new technology can catch up with the world's advanced ranks so quickly, which is rare in the history of modern science and technology in China. Young Chinese optical experts were able to successfully transform physical ideas and technical solutions into practical devices, and achieved internationally advanced results, mainly thanks to the cohesive and innovative young and middle-aged research team at that time, solid basic research accumulation and the comprehensive ability and solid foundation accumulated by the Institute in optical technology, precision machinery and electronic technology over the years Base.


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