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Excellent properties of quartz glass in application
2021-12-24 17:03:39

The excellent properties of quartz glass, such as thermal stability and chemical stability, make it a candidate material for many high-end applications. Nanoscribe Based on the patented two-photon polymerization technology, GP silica photoresist and its micromachining system are used for printing and heat treatment. When the temperature reaches 600 ℃, the polymer adhesive is discharged, and then when it reaches 1300 ℃, silica nanoparticles are sintered and formed, and the volume of parts is reduced, showing the three-dimensional microstructure of pure fused silica glass.

quartz glass

Different minerals in quartz sand are basically in the state of monomer dissociation, but the situation that particles in quartz sand are connected with other iron containing minerals still exists. Most of these connected minerals are dark minerals, some are wrapped in the interior of their particles, and some are embedded at the edge of the particles to become a mineral aggregate, which is the so-called wrapped iron.

In the practical application of various methods of removing iron from quartz sand, it is rare to produce qualified quartz sand by using one method alone. It is often the combination of two or more methods to achieve the purification standard. There are several methods to remove iron from quartz sand.

Because the particle size of quartz sand is generally much larger than that of clay minerals, clay minerals in quartz sand can be removed by simple water washing. At the same time, as the quartz sand particles become finer, the content of heavy minerals and feldspar in the particles is large. They are not as weather resistant as quartz. The grade of impurities such as iron and aluminum increases and the grade of SiO2 decreases. Therefore, the water separation and graded desliming of quartz sand can not only remove clay minerals, but also remove fine minerals below 0.1mm. However, it is difficult to remove the thin film iron on the surface of quartz sand.

Mechanical scrubbing is to remove the iron film on the surface of quartz sand and iron containing minerals adsorbed on the surface of quartz sand by means of the collision and friction between external force and gravel, so as to achieve the purpose of iron removal. Mechanical scrubbing process includes rod grinding scrubbing and traditional mechanical scrubbing. The structure and configuration of scrubbing machine and scrubbing process jointly control the iron removal effect of quartz sand. Mechanical scrubbing iron removal process is the most widely used quartz sand iron removal process at present. It has the characteristics of good quality, large output, low cost and simple operation. It can meet the requirements of float glass for high-quality silica sand. It is the first choice for small-scale production and processing enterprises.


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