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How about the whitening effect of laser lens?
2019-08-23 10:31:32

Everyone wants to have a whitening skin, which can cover up some minor defects on the skin and improve people's beautiful appearance. Of course, there are many ways to make the skin whitening effect. Some of them use laser whitening method, so how about the effect of laser lens whitening?

Laser whitening is mainly based on the photothermal effect of laser. Before treatment, the doctor will adjust the corresponding wavelength of laser according to the facial skin cleanliness of the subject, and then treat the dark part of the skin. During the treatment, the laser energy will be converted into heat energy, and the pigmented tissue under the skin will correspond to it. It is absorbed, which causes the pigments to be destroyed and disintegrated, and then excreted with the body's metabolism.

Laser lenses

Laser facial whitening is a relatively long treatment process, which requires multiple treatments to achieve the ultimate whitening effect. Generally speaking, facial skin whitening needs to be done 3 - 5 times to improve, each treatment needs an interval of 1 month before the next treatment. Generally speaking, laser whitening has strong pertinence and obvious effect in solving such problems as dark yellow skin. It has almost no side effects on the body. However, individuals need to pay attention to the corresponding sunscreen and nursing after operation to avoid rebound or unsatisfactory effect after operation.

Laser lenses

We choose laser freckle removal in diagnosis and treatment. If the laser energy is not well controlled, it will damage our skin. And some people's facial skin is very fragile, if we do not control the laser energy during the operation, it is very convenient for this phenomenon.

Then when our skin is already unbearable, there will be redness and swelling, even blisters and so on. So what's important is that it will have irreparable consequences for some of our skin's structures. This phenomenon is irreversible, so we should pay close attention to it.


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