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How to choose optical filter in optical devices?
2021-07-02 16:24:26

Optical filter is used to select the required radiation band of optical devices. Optical filter is made by adding special dye into plastic or glass substrate or evaporating optical film on its surface, which is used to attenuate (absorb) some light bands in the light wave, or to accurately select a small range of light waves to pass through, while reflecting (or absorbing) other unwanted wave bands. By changing the structure of the filter and the optical parameters of the film, various spectral characteristics can be obtained, so that the optical filter can control, adjust and change the transmission, reflection, polarization or phase state of light wave.

optical filter

Heat insulating glass can be divided into two categories according to different requirements. One is that it can absorb a lot of infrared rays, and the glass is basically colorless, that is to say, this kind of glass should be in the visible light region of 400m-76. There is also a high smooth transmission curve in the forest. In terms of composition, this kind of glass generally belongs to phosphate glass system. The other is that it is required to absorb some infrared rays, and the glass is also allowed to have some colors. This kind of insulating glass is generally silicate glass system.

The advantages of the optical glass molding method are as follows:

1. Without the traditional processes of rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, edge grinding and centering, the parts can achieve high dimensional accuracy, surface shape accuracy and surface roughness;

2. The optical part and the mounting reference part can be made into a whole.

3. Small aspheric lens array can be molded.

4. It can easily and economically realize the mass production of precision aspheric optical glass parts.

5. As long as the process parameters such as temperature and pressure are accurately controlled in the molding process, the dimensional accuracy and repeatability of the molded optical parts can be guaranteed.

6. Can save a lot of production equipment, tooling accessories, plant area and skilled workers, so that a small workshop can have high productivity.

Optical filter manufacturer

As we all know, a good optical glass products to be recognized by buyers need a lot of reasons, not only because of the advertising in place can have the effect, quality and function, etc., among which the advantages of optical glass products are also some highlights to attract buyers and manufacturers, I believe our products will give you a refreshing experience.


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