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How to keep the surface finish of laser lens?
2020-06-12 09:43:13

In our daily life, we should try our best to avoid contact with high temperature, because under high temperature, the film will be damaged or even fall off due to the inconsistent expansion and contraction of the film and the lens substrate. It should also avoid optical lenses from contacting lenses with strong organic solvents, such as acetone, ether and perfume, because these organic solvents will affect the finish of the lens. The way of placing glasses should also form a fixed habit, first wrap the glasses with flannelette, and then close the legs of the glasses. In order to prevent the glasses from being under heavy pressure, the glasses can be placed in the hard glasses collection box.

Laser lens

In addition, the following points should be noted:

1. When wearing glasses, do not contact the convex surface of the lenses with hard objects. It is better to store them in a box.

2. The resin lens shall be washed with clear water, then cleaned with special detergent or a small amount of detergent, and finally dried with special mirror cloth for resin lens.

3. Use the special mirror cloth for resin lens focus lens to wipe. Because the ordinary mirror cloth is loose and easily mixed with sand particles, which will cause lens wear, it is better to wash the lens with water first, and then dry it with the special mirror cloth.

Remember to wipe the lens and never dry it. First wash both sides of the lens with water and then wipe it with a special mirror cloth. If you have free time, you can also go to the glasses shop and use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the lenses, which is generally free of charge, no matter whether you have matched glasses in that shop or not.

There are two kinds of optical laser lenses: glass and resin. The glass sheet has high hardness, heavy and fragile quality; the resin sheet has strong light transmittance, light and not easy to break, which can resist ultraviolet rays, but has poor wear resistance. Resin sheet should be used to reduce the weight of the lenses for high refractive errors; children should not wear glass sheet, because it is fragile and dangerous. The thickness of the lens depends on the degree and refractive index. The thickness of the center and periphery of the myopia lens is thinner than that of the hyperopia lens. The higher the degree is, the thicker the lens is, and the higher the refractive index is, the thinner the lens is. High refractive index lens is the best choice for high refractive error.


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