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The varieties and uses of quartz glass are closely related
2021-11-19 17:10:33

The variety and use of quartz glass are closely related. Users require to manufacture the quartz glass they need according to the characteristics of quartz glass, which leads to the variety of quartz glass. The new variety improves the performance and quality of quartz glass and promotes the development of quartz glass industry. Almost all walks of life use quartz glass, but because the process of quartz glass products is complex and the price of raw materials is expensive, the price of quartz glass is also expensive, which limits the extensive use of quartz glass. The main varieties and uses of quartz glass are briefly introduced here.

Because of its excellent acid resistance and heat resistance, it is widely used in the field of chemical industry. Such as hydrochloric acid synthesis unit; Combustion, cooling and guiding device of high temperature acid gas; Evaporation, cooling, absorption and storage device of acid solution, manufacturing device of distilled water, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid; Chlorination reaction vessel; Distillation tower filling, steam heating and stirring device; Acid resistant valve; Filter plate, etc.

quartz glass

Quartz glass is widely used in the protection tube of general thermometer; In addition, it can also be used as an indispensable material for the temperature measurement of immersion pyrometer protection tube and steel.

Because of its excellent heat resistance, quartz glass can be used as tube for oxygen and carbon analysis of open hearth and blast furnace; Quartz glass for steel outlet of continuous steel injection and rolling; Quartz glass for smelting precious metals, gold and platinum; Quartz glass for nonferrous metal smelting (aluminum and alloy, fusible metal evaporation tank), etc.

Because of its excellent electrical properties, heat resistance and air tightness, quartz glass can be used as the core tube and outer tube of electric furnace, gas furnace and high-frequency furnace, as well as air, various gases and vacuum furnace.

Because quartz glass has many excellent characteristics, it can be used for parts of dilatometer, thermal balance, electrical meter, spring balance, seismometer, analytical tools such as flask, beaker, evaporating dish, crucible, boat, sulfur quantitative device, condenser, absorption capacity sleeve for spectrophotometer and other physical and chemical experimental articles.


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