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What are the applications of laser lenses in automobiles?
2019-08-16 16:38:58

Laser lens laser welding has become one of the most important means in automobile manufacturing because of its high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat affected zone, high welding speed, easy to realize automatic control and no subsequent processing. There are hundreds of thousands of parts in a car's body and chassis. How to connect them together has a direct impact on the rigidity of the whole car body. Laser welding can connect almost all the metal materials of different thickness, brand, type and grade. It can improve the production efficiency and quality at the same time. Flexibility in vehicle design and material selection.

Laser welding can replace casting parts with more stamping parts in automobile manufacturing and scattered spot welding seams with continuous laser welding seams. It can reduce overlap width and some strengthening parts, reduce the volume of automobile body structure itself, thus reducing the weight of automobile body, and meet the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction of automobile. Laser welding can also improve the assembly accuracy of the body, make the body stiffness increased by more than 30%, thereby improving the safety of the body. In addition, laser welding can also reduce the stamping and assembly costs, shorten the production cycle, reduce the number of parts, and improve the integration of the car body.

Laser cutting is one of the common laser processing methods. Laser cutting can be divided into four types: laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting, laser scratching and controlled fracture. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting has the advantages of higher cutting quality - narrow cut width, small heat affected zone, smooth cut, fast cutting speed, strong flexibility - arbitrary cutting shape, wide material adaptability and so on.

Three-dimensional laser cutting machine is often needed for cutting edges of large automotive panels. In addition, the platform of automobile manufacturing is becoming more and more intense, which requires higher flexibility of the production line. Three-dimensional laser cutting only needs to adapt the laser processing program after the change of the vehicle model, and the tooling is simple and the construction period is greatly shortened. Compared with the use of die manufacturing cost is greatly reduced.

In addition, the application of high strength steel in automobiles is more and more. After hot forming, the stamping process is no longer suitable. The cutting of profile and hole promotes the demand for laser cutting.


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