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What kind of optical filter can meet the requirements of work
2021-03-12 16:16:32

In daily life, resin lenses should be avoided from contacting high temperature as possible, because the thermal expansion and contraction of the film and resin lens substrate are inconsistent under high temperature, which will cause the damage or even falling off of the film. In addition, the resin lenses should be prevented from contacting strong organic solvents, such as acetone, ether and perfume, because these organic solvents will affect the surface finish of resin lenses. In addition, the way to place glasses should also form a fixed habit. First, wrap the resin lens with aspheric lens flannelette, then close the leg of the mirror. In order to prevent the glasses from being stressed, the glasses can be placed in hard glasses collection box.

Laser lens

1. When wearing glasses, do not contact the convex surface of resin lens with hard objects, and keep it in the box.

2. Resin lenses shall be washed with clear water first, then cleaned with special cleaning agent or a small amount of detergent for resin lenses, and then dried with resin lens special lens cloth.

3. The resin lens special mirror cloth is used to wipe. Because the ordinary mirror cloth fiber is loose and easy to mix sand particles, the lens will be worn. Therefore, the lens shall be washed with clean water first, and then dried with the special lens cloth.

For those who need medium distance vision (generally about 18 inches to 6 feet), as far and near, lenses with three focal points can meet such needs. Those who work in front of a computer or cash register have special needs for the vision of this distance, which can meet the vision needs of his work.

The correction effect of these optical filters also includes multiple ranges. The difference is that the boundary between aspheric lenses of each lens with different distance is not obvious. The dividing line of these multi focus lenses may need to be very close to see or feel through the touch of the hand. However, when the user is switching from near to far, the eyes will still feel the difference I felt a big sudden change.


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