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Yangzhou Huasheng Optical Instrument Factory is a production-oriented enterprise integrating optical design, production and sales.The main products are Plane Window,Optical Protective Window,Optical Prism,Optical Lens, Spherical Lens, Band Pass Filter, Long and Short Wave Pass Filter, Band Stop Filter, Optical Communication Filter, Laser Lens, etc. The product applies wavelength to cover ultraviolet, visible and infrared bands.
Category: Optical Lens
  • Ball Lenses

    Ball Lenses

    Category: Optical Lens
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    Ball lenses are great optical components for improving signal coupling between fibers, emitters, and detectors. They are also used in endoscopy, bar code scanning, ball pre-forms for aspheric lenses, and sensor applications. Ball lenses are manufactured from a single substrate of glass and can focus or collimate light, depending upon the geometry of the input source.
  • Ball Lens / Optical Ball Lens / Optical Glass Ball Lens

    Ball Lens / Optical Ball Lens / Optical Glass Ball Lens

    Category: Optical Lens
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